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When using these links to SUBSCRIBE, we recommend including your real name and address in the body of the email. Remember this is a PRIVATE EMAIL GROUP and subscribers could be rejected if we cannot verify who or where you are.
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The "historical" information ...

We have created a PRIVATE Email Group ("list-server") on YahooGroups for the Trails At Woodlot community. This email group connects our community without having to individually maintain email addresses. It provides an easy means for posting and sharing messages, pictures, and other relevant community information exclusively among the subscribers within our community. And, it avoids being inundated with emails and unrelated information outside of our immediate community.

There are several ways to subscribe and any of these methods below will do. The email group is moderated by Stuart Lamb (a willing volunteer) who must approve you. If an email form pops up from any of the methods mentioned below, please include a short note in your "join request" with your real name and address in Woodlot to avoid rejection.

  • Click the SUBSCRIBE link above and send the email (with name and address in body).
  • Click the VISIT link above and then click the "Join This Group" button.
  • Send an email to the group moderator - - who will reply with an invitation email containing a "Join" link. Or, you can call him at 410-730-1632.
  • Or, just click this link to Join the Email Group which will jump to the YahooGroups page for The Trails At Woodlot and present a button to "Join This Group".

You are not required to have a Yahoo account to join this group but most of the YahooGroups web pages offer this option. Having a Yahoo account may provide access to other Yahoo services associated with email group and/or our Trails At Woodlot community web site. We are using this email group mainly as an easy and private way to share emailed information around our community.