So, if you don't have a Yahoo account yet, the bottom of your welcome email (having
chosen to use another email address than a Yahoo account) will offer you a process to
"link" your regular, subscribed email address to a Yahoo account even if you don't want
to use the Yahoo account for your email. This is a way to get all of the functionality and
tools of the ListServ without using another email account. Basically, the ListServ
forwards your email to/from your regular email account and you can get full capability of
the member's only site. I suggest creating a Yahoo account and linking for most people,
free and painless!
As an alternate option, you may click on "join the mailing list instead" If no Yahoo
account is used, or linked, you will ONLY be able to email message and will have none
of the wealth of other features of this site.
There are two ways to join, either with a Yahoo account or with your regular email.
You get full functionality with a Yahoo account and will be able to post and see
anything posted or uploaded to the home page (pictures, files, documents). You will
be subscribed to the mailing list, and will have access to all the group's Web tools
such as Message Archives, Polls, Files and Photos. Note: If you select this option you
will be asked to sign in or register for a Yahoo! ID.
If we email you an invitation to join, your email may have some content blocked
depending upon your mail or security program. First select "show images or "display
all content" to get the "Join this Group" button to appear. You should not have to
enable non-secure data in order to join if you have NSA level of security. This system
is meant specifically to allow you to be protected on the internet and from spam email.
I do not need to approve you if I send you an invite, you will be in right away.
Relax, this is PRIVATE. No one outside of our community has access to see you or your
email or to post messages to the group or to spam you individually or to even
read/access our content. You have the choice when you sign up to get email delivered
to you whenever anyone posts an email or a daily digest (one email a day, good
option) or no email at all (not a good idea unless you really will go check the site
regularly to read the messages).
To join our email communication system you have two options:
  1. Please go to the group (copy the address above into any browser) and click on
    "Join This Group" and send in your request. The group is moderated by Stuart
    Lamb who will have to approve you, so please include a short note on the
    Listserv join request with your real name and address in Woodlot so that it will not
    be rejected.
  2. You can email the moderator at and request that he
    send you an invitation and that has a "join" link to follow, or call 410-730-1632.
We have created a very private "list-server" on YahooGroups for our Woodlot
community. A listserv connects a group without having to individually maintain email
addresses or worry about spam and provides a network accessible vehicle for posting
notices, data, maps, pictures or other data.

To access this group go to:
The Trails at Woodlot Email Listserver
The Trails at Woodlot Email Listserver
To Download and Print the Yahoo! Group Instructional Document:
Join Our Community Online Discussion Group and Message Board at:
The Trails at Woodlot